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Nominate a Spot
Vote a
and !
Get a chance to win this GoPro camera when you vote your favorite cool spots as pit stops for the main race! Here are the 3 easy ways to vote!
1. Via Microsite
  • Proceed to www.wonderfulmindanow.com
  • Click "Vote your favorite cool spot"
  • In the gallery of cool spots, vote your favorite cool spot by clicking the VOTE pin
  • Share your vote via FB or Twitter status with the hashtag #WonderfulMindaNOW
2. Via WonderfulMindaNOWApp
  • Proceed to www.wonderfulmindanowapp.com
  • Take a photo
  • Choose a cool spot as photo background
  • Download the photo and share on Twitter or Instagram to vote
3. Via Online Uploads
  • Take a photo of your favorite cool spot
  • Upload or share on social media with the hashtag
  • Cities allowed are only the following: Cagayan De Oro, General Santos and Davao (since these are the areas where the races will be held)